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Malawi is the 4th poorest country in the world with a 67% female literacy rate.

38.1% of girls ages 12-19 report being coerced into their first sexual encounter

Why Malawi
Our Support

Sometimes you have to do more than wish you could have equal access to basic human equality; you have to demand it.


I Demand Access partners with leaders of grassroots organizations in Malawi, Africa, who are driving meaningful impact to the poorest in the world. Leaders like Ida Puliwa, the founder of Othakarhaka (OTK). Ida was the first woman in her village to attend college. Unfortunately, Ida's family did not have the resources to complete her education. A U.S. Professor, Marquiita Hill, was struck by Ida's story and helped fund Ida's degree completion. Marquita started a wonderful thing when she told Ida that instead of paying her back, to help others. Ida not only helped others, but started an organization built on receivers to also give.  

OTK aims to empower girls io invest in their future and the future of their communities by receiving help, and committing to helping others.  “Othakarhaka” means "passing on the kindness" in Malawi's native language, Chichewa.   OTK currently supports over 500 girls. These girls give back to their communities in multiple ways: caring for the elderly, teaching adult literacy classes, planting trees in the nurseries to sustain forestry (wood is primary source to heat food). So not only is OTK helping girls to gain education, but also bettering the lives of all living in the villages.

I Demand Access is committed to helping drive exponential change.  And to support visionary leaders like Ida Puliwa who are changing lives for the poor in Malawi. Not just one time with a few dollars, but taking the few dollars and helping people help themselves. 

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