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Othakarhaka means
     "Passing on the Kindness" 

Othakarhaka currently supports over 500 girls. 48 of those girls have qualified to study at the nation's best boarding schools.

They cover the cost of tuition, school supplies, meals and toiletries for scholarship recipients. 


Ida Puliwa was the first woman in her village to attend college. Despite her academic talent, Ida's family did not have the resources to pay for her education.  Thankfully, two individuals took notice and funded the completion of her degree. Inspired by the kindness of strangers, Ida pledged to give back to her community, and girls like herself. Ida wanted to pay the kindness forward. Thus Othakarhaka  - which means "passing on the kindness" - was born.

Othakarhaka  empowers girl in rural villages and invests in their future through providing access to education and community programs.


All recipients of help from Othakarhaka  are required to give back to others in the community, including tutoring, library support, tending tree nursery, and much more.

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