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Meet Christina

Age 14


My name is Christina, I come from Mbewa village, I am 14 years old and I go to Malosa secondary school.

I was so happy when I learn that I had been selected to one of the best government schools in Malawi after completing my primary school. However, my happiness did not last long when my family told me that they could not manage to pay for my school fees. With hope and courage I approached OTK for support and I was glad when OTK had put me on their waiting list and later offered me a full scholarship and provided me with all the school necessities I needed to study at a boarding secondary school.

My first term at school was not easy. I faced tough competition in my class and I am looking forward to work extra harder and be on top of my class during the next term. My ambition is to become a medical doctor and it is my desire to deduct part of my salary to support OTK to sponsor more needy girls like me in future.

During holidays, I pay back my kindness by working in OTK tree nursery.

Joana, Age 14

"For the first time in my life I can finally sleep on a bed and mattress..."

Notebook Sketch
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