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Join our zoom call
with Ida Puliwa

Tuesday, November 28, 8pm est, 5pm pst

2023 began with a devastating Tropical Storm Freddy, which took the homes, farms and even lives of adults and children in the Othakarhaka community. 

With your support, they are rebuilding, and using their unique organizational structure to support each other, reclaim hope and re-engage their community.

Ida Puliwa will share the stories of rebuilding from Freddy, and of the many girls who are in school and giving back to those around them. We're also excited to hear about Ida's fellowship with Young African Leaders, a U.S. state-department-nominated position, in which she and other leaders across Africa came to the U.S. to learn leadership and organizational skills.  

Please join us on Nov 28 via THIS ZOOM LINK

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EDUCATION IS PRICELESS   $10 supports a girls' education for a month $25 pays for a school uniform $120 educated a girls for an entire school year $150 pays for a bicycle for girls to get to school $500 sends a girl to university for one year $2500 sends one girl from high school through college ​

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42% of Girls are married by age 18

60% of females do not finish school

of girls age 12-19
report being coerced into their first sexual encounter


Our Story

I Demand Access was born in 2019, after we saw the work of an amazing woman who dedicated her life to help educate and empower people in her district. And more inspirational, how everyone who receives help must give back to others. Thus creating a self-sustaining community.

Our Inspiration
Ida Puliwa, the founder of Othakarhaka Foundation, was the first female from her village to graduate college. Ida finished university and returned to her village to help other girls get to school and to teach them how to help each other.

A Little Goes a Long Way
We were impressed with how LITTLE it took in Malawi to kick-start people out of poverty and onto a path of self-sustainability. We started a nonprofit in the United States that could help Othakarhaka and other organizations like it in Malawi. We know that with just a little funding, the people of Malawi can go a long way!
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